The hunt for Battlefield 1's big easter eggs has begun

Scratch beneath DICE’s shooters and you’ll often find a weird and wonderful world of strange, convoluted and long-running easter eggs.

Battlefield 4 was able to hold on to some of its own secrets until as late as last December, well over two years after the game’s initial release, with a convoluted, ongoing easter egg known as the Phantom Prospect unlocking a new set of camo for players. That’s not to mention the T-Rex that could be heard upon players meeting the right conditions in Battlefield 4’s Rogue Transmission, or the Megalodon shark found in the Naval Strike DLC.

A handful of days after the launch of Battlefield 1, players are working to uncover its secrets and have already started down a mysterious path DICE has laid out. Headphones have been found in seemingly random spawn points about Battlefield 1’s maps – they’ve been spotted in Amiens, Sinai and Monte Grappa – and YouTuber JackFrags has discovered they may work in tandem with hidden MCOM stations dotted around the maps.

Battlefield 1 launched last week to critical acclaim, and has since gone on to sell more than its two immediate predecessors combined in their opening week.

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