The Division's Survival DLC is due tomorrow on Xbox One and PC

The Division’s second expansion, Survival, will arrive tomorrow on Xbox One and PC.


A PS4 version follow on 20th December.

As outlined earlier this month, Survival strips players of their gear, infects them with an illness, and tasks them with getting to the center of the map. Along the way they’ll have to contend with the harsh climate and disease as they search for food, clothes, and medicine.

In Survival 24 players are rounded up in an instance and forced to scavenge a map with limited supplies. The add-on will contain both PvP and PvE options, where the former allows players to turn on one another and the latter disables friendly fire. Since PvP is more hazardous, the rewards are greater in turn with a bonus multiplayer added to one’s score in this challenge mode.

Further adding to Survival’s deadly array of challenges is a new enemy type, the Hunter, who collects the wristwatches of their prey as trophies. (Which seems apropos on Wall Street.)

Ubisoft also noted that the impending free update 1.5 will include a higher gear score cap, a new world tier, and new named gear and weapons.

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