The Best Gaming Black Friday deals at eBay

Black Friday is here, and eBay has some absolutely stunning games, console, and tech deals right now. Yes, eBay. Think eBay is just about second-hand deals and used stuff? Think again. The site is offering some stonking Black Friday and Cyber Monday bargains on brand-new gaming tech – and not a lot of people know about it, so these deals are extra special. We’ve been keeping a close eye on them to scoop the best bargains for you. And here they are…

Consoles and bundles

• PS4 Slim 500GB: Bargain! Get Sony’s new slim console with Call of Duty Infinite Warfare for an incredible £189.00.

• PS4 Slim 500GB: Get the console with Lego Star Wars, Dishonored 2, and The Lego Star Wars movie for an amazing £229.00.

• PS4 Slim 500GB: This console comes with Lego Star Wars and The Force Awakens for a brilliant £189.00. Wow!

• PS4 Slim 500GB: Maybe you fancy a new PS4 Slim with Rockstar’s awesome GTA5? This one is a great value £189.00.

• PS4 Slim 500GB: Grab yourself a new 500GB Slim PS4 with both GTA 5 and Dishonored 2 – two top games – for a very reasonable £229.00.

• PS4 Slim 1TB: Fancy a PS4 with extra storage? And three top games – Uncharted 4, Driveclub, Last of Us Remastered… all for £224.99? Of course you do.

• PS4 Slim 1TB: Of course, if you want a PS4 with 1TB of storage and you fancy a different set of games… get the console Uncharted 4, Driveclub, and Ratchet & Clank for the great price of £239.99.

• Xbox One S 1TB: Grab this ultra-powerful console with heaps of storage, plus FIFA 17, for a seriously reasonable £293.85.

• Xbox One S 500GB: Oooh, a lovely white Xbox One S with Minecraft Favourites? It’s yours for only £249.99. 


• Call of Duty Infinite Warfare (PS4 and Xbox One): The biggest shooter of the year, yours for a ridiculous £29.00.

• Halo 5 (Xbox One): Did you miss Master Chief’s latest adventure? Grab it now for a piffling £15.95.

• XCOM 2 (PS4 and Xbox One): You can now pick up the Resistance Warrior pack for a seriously small price of £25.85.

• Dying Light: The Following (PS4 and Xbox One): Wowzers. This zombie survival game is going cheap at £15.85 on both consoles.

• Shadow of Mordor (PS4): Grab this Game of the Year edition, which has been enhanced for PS4 Pro, for a seriously good price of £16.85.

TVs and tech

• LG Ultra HD 4K LED Smart TV: This superb 4K TV is great for gaming, and anyone who owns a PS4 Pro or Xbox One S will feel right at home with it. Grab it now for £449.99!

• Limited Edition Xbox One controllers: There are plenty of special edition controllers to choose from here – from Halo 5 to Limited Edition White. Snatch one today for £44.95.

• X-Rocker Spectre Chair: This comfy gaming chair will cradle your body for hours at a time, and it’s only going to cost you £39.99.

• Panasonic Full HD Smart LED TV: It’s not 4K or HDR, but this full HD Panasonic TV is still a massive bargain at £354.99.

• Samsung 2.1 Wireless Sound Bar: If you have a decent TV and a console, you need superior sound. This wireless sound bar is just the job at £117.99.

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