See Overwatch maps like never before courtesy of Sombra skydiving

Inventive bunch, the Overwatch crowd. Or perhaps bored. Either way they’ve found a way to sort of break the game with new character Sombra.

By using her translocator teleporter device over and over in a Custom Game with no ability cooldowns, Sombra can break out of a map’s bounds, and once she has, sky is the limit to where she can go.

Her breaking free means we can see Overwatch maps like we never have – from high above and in their zoomed-out entirety, courtesy of YouTuber Hoshizora via Kotaku. Wonderfully peaceful music, too – rather a soothing watch for a cold, dark Saturday in November.

Also, what’s remarkable about seeing things from that perspective is just how much attention Blizzard paid the maps’ surrounding environments. Take the Japanese map of Hanamura, for example. The part you play in – the decorative, ye olde Japanese buildings – are only a small nucleus of a much wider cityscape. Whereas the Mexican map Dorado is surrounded by beach on one side and hills on the other.

But the crowning glory has to be the mountain temple of Nepal, because that one map contains the three separate stages you play there – all set against a massive, snowy mountain and crisp blue mountain sky. Lovely!

The God who Peter Molyneux forgot
For Curiosity winner Bryan Henderson, the prize inside the cube has been anything but life-changing.

The God who Peter Molyneux forgot

Sombra is currently available to play on the Public Test Realm on PC, as is the new Arcade Mode that brings 3v3 and 1v1 battles on the new Ecopoint: Antarctica map.

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