Pokémon Go nests – Where to find nests in London, the UK and other areas

Since the changes to how the in-game radar worked and the closure of Pokvision, players have found it increasingly difficult to track specific Pokmon out in the wild.

Thankfully, an in-game phenomenon – ‘Pokmon nests’ – have helped come to the rescue, and players have been finding and cataloging their positions to help others get the scarce creatures they need.

What are Pokmon Go nests, and why are they useful?

Pokmon nests are locations where a cluster of the same Pokmon appear in close proximity on a regular basis.

These are particularly useful if you need multiple of a certain elusive Pokmon – such as the starters, or creatures that require a lot of Pokmon Candy for levelling up or evolutions, such as Dratinis – or if you wish to get a jump on others for unlocking Medals for Pokemon Go Catch Bonuses or catching certain creatures, such as Pikachu.

Where to find nests in London for Pokmon Go

One of the most comprehensive lists for nests for Pokmon Go is for London, which is regularly updated and verified by other users. Note that as with other nests, the Pokmon that appear can change over time, the latest being a new series of tweaks as of late September.

There is a full list on The Silph Road sub-Reddit and a map with specific positions.

Highlights include:

  • Bulbasaur nest – Danson Park
  • Electabuzz nest – Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens
  • Exeggcute nest Beckenham Place Park
  • Kabuto nest – Battersea Park
  • Machop nest – Vauxhall Park

Where to find nests in the UK, Los Angeles and rest of the world in Pokmon Go

As well as a comprehensive set of nest locations for London, there are also others being catalogued by other players for locations:

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What else do we know about nests in Pokmon Go?

  • While most lists out there have been kept up to date, nests have been known to change over time. One change was reported after the first major patch took place, and another during the late-August update. For example, Scyther nests turned into less lucrative Staryu spawn points, while Dratini nests seemingly disappeared altogether. While they seem stable again for now, there’s nothing to say another set of changes will occur in a future update, so get use out of the current list while you can!
  • For players aiming for the highest CP values in Pokmon, some players have suggested that the IV values of Pokmon from nests are capped, using a Bulbasaur and a (pre-patch) Dratini nest as examples. As such, perhaps nests would be better used for farming Pokmon Candy than creating strong Pokmon to take on Gyms with, but it might be worth checking just in case.
  • While the above lists have been crowdsourced and verified by the community, as with anything in Pokmon Go – from Rare Pokmon positions to Pokmon Type locations – this isn’t an exact science, so remember there’s no full guarantee that these areas will produce these Pokmon in the exact position when you get there – so take everything with a pinch of salt!

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