Pokémon Go is getting a special Thanksgiving event

Mobile smash hit Pokmon Go will receive an in-game event to mark the US holiday of Thanksgiving this week.


Come to think of it, why isn’t there a turkey Pokmon?

Players will receive double XP and Stardust between midnight UK time this Wednesday, 23rd November, until midnight on the 30th.

And that’s it – it’s a fairly threadbare event, on the face of it. But we’ll be keeping an eye in case anything else pops up… the game has a number of new features we’re expecting to see roll out shortly.

On that topic, we recently met with Pokmon Go developer Niantic for a chat about the game’s past, present and future – and there were several hints at what might be coming next, as well as word that Niantic wanted the game to last as long as MMO king World of Warcraft.

Could this finally be the time we see Ditto? It sounded like the release of the mysterious monster was finally on the cards.

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