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Pokmon Eggs date back to the second generation of the main series, and in Pokmon Go, they also have an important role to play.

There’s no breeding mechanic this time – Pokmon Eggs are found at random from Pokstops until you reach a maximum of 9 in your bag – and no way of telling which Pokmon’s inside the Egg itself, aside from narrowing it down to the three large Egg groups below. On the surface, Eggs in Pokmon Go appear to simply be another way of randomly acquiring a few new Pokes.

But just like the mighty Magikarp, we shouldn’t judge Eggs by their seemingly ineffectual appearances. Eggs can still be an extremely useful tool for expanding your collection – or indeed powering up the Pokmon you already have – and as such we’ve compiled a guide containing everything we know on the topic.

Pokmon Go Egg Chart: Which Pokmon come from which 2km, 5km and 10km Eggs?

Below is every Pokmon confirmed to be obtainable via hatching Eggs – according to avid players on Reddit – along with their corresponding Egg group.

While at launch it was noted that 10km Eggs could feature creatures from 2km and 5km tiers, this now no longer seems to be the case. More common creatures such as Pidgeys and Rattatas were also removed from the set as part of an Autumn update, alongside the demotion of Eevee hatches.

Finally, note that only the first evolution of each chain is available from an Egg – for example Bulbasaur can be hatched from an Egg, but not Ivysaur or Venusaur.

2km Eggs: 5km Eggs 10km Eggs
Bulbasaur Ekans Onix
Charmander Sandshrew Hitmonlee
Squirtle Nidoran (f) Hitmonchan
Caterpie Nidoran (m) Chansey
Weedle Vulpix Mr. Mime*
Spearow Oddish Scyther
Pikachu Paras Jynx
Clefairy Venonat Electabuzz
Jigglypuff Diglett Magmar
Zubat Meowth Pinsir
Geodude Psyduck Lapras
Magikarp Mankey Omanyte
Growlithe Kabuto
Poliwag Aerodactyl
Abra Snorlax
Machop Dratini

*Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr Mime and Tauros are believed by some to be the only region-locked Pokemon in Pokemon Go and unable to find through either Egg hatching or encountering in the wild outside of those regions..

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Pokmon Go: Which are the best Pokmon to get from 2km, 5km and 10km Eggs?

At this point, there just hasn’t been enough data collected from Pokmon Go players to determine the chances of hatching a particular Pokmon. However, our purely anecdotal experience suggests certain Pokmon almost certainly do have higher or lower chances to hatch from Eggs.


At launch we saw plenty of disgruntled players drawing attention to the frequency of Eevees in 10km Eggs, for instance, compared to relatively few celebrating their second or third Snorlax.

However, this specific case should be a thing of the past thanks to Eevee’s demotion to 5km eggs in an Autumn update, which could actually this tier more useful, since Vaporeon – one of Eevee’s three evolutions – appears to be one of the best Pokmon in the game currently, with the added benefit of freeing up 10km Eggs for more rarer creatures.

Likewise, 2km Eggs are also more useful than you’d expect, thanks to the fact that starter Pokmon can be acquired for the fairly low-investment. It’s worth noting that at this point it’s currently unclear just what the probability is of landing yourself a Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, or Pikachu from hatching Eggs. However, with the starters being relatively scarce in the wild – and relatively demanding in terms of Candy to evolve – if you want to land yourself a Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise or Raichu, focusing your efforts on the 2km Eggs is likely your best bet.

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Finally, there are a few other general – but still important – tips to bear in mind when hatching Eggs in Pokmon Go:

  • You can only hold a maximum of 9 Eggs at a time, including the Eggs you have in Incubators.
  • If you hit the maximum of 9 Eggs, you’ll watch to hatch some as quickly as you can, so as to keep as steady a flow of new Eggs as possible. Prioritise 2km Eggs until you have some more space.
  • Incubators purchased with PokCoins are disposable, with only three uses each. To get the very most out of them, hatch your 10km Eggs in the disposable Incubators, whilst your free, infinite-use Incubator quickly churns out 2km and 5km Eggs in a higher volume.
  • Pokmon Eggs are likely to be the quickest way to power up your starter Pokmon – Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle – unless you’re fortunate enough to have found a particularly good spot to find them in the wild. The fact they can be found in the relatively common, quick-to-hatch Eggs makes all the difference.
  • The Pokmon Go app has to be open in order for your distance to be counted, however you don’t have to have your phone out and draining battery for it to function. Turning on the Battery Saver option in Pokemon Go’s menu will instruct the app to dim its brightness when lowered to your side, whilst keeping the app open will automatically prevent your phone from locking or going to sleep – meaning you can open up Pokmon Go then just keep it in your pocket whilst taking a stroll (and repeatedly stopping to catch more Pokmon…)
  • Travelling in cars, trains, and other fast-moving vehicles won’t count towards your distance travelled, as the game appears to know when you’re moving too fast to be walking.
  • Often the app will display your character as moving slightly, even though you and your phone may be staying perfectly still. This can, in fact, be used to help tick away at your Egg hatching – plug your phone into a charger, leave it open, and the game should do some of the work for you simply through the quirks of its GPS.
  • The CP of Pokmon hatched from Eggs appears to be tied to your trainer level at the time you acquired the Egg – not at the time the Egg hatches.
  • It appears that now and again seasonal updates will increase the rates of some drops, such as Pokmon Go’s Halloween event, so be sure to keep an eye on that if you’re saving your Incubators for a special time.
  • If you’re a completionist, then hatching Eggs is a requirement for one of Pokmon Go’s Medals, which might be an added incentive if you’re not particularly interested in Candy or Stardust.

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