PlayStation wants you to name its new bear

Earlier today, PlayStation Europe took to Twitter to announce a new PS4 desktop theme starring a bear – and to ask fans to suggest its name.

The internet responded in predictable fashion.

With Beary McBearface out of the running, the most frequent request should come as no surprise: Harambear.

And here are some of the other suggestions we liked, listed in our order of preference:

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  • Keith
  • Bob
  • Bearnard
  • Grizzwald
  • Bear Necessity
  • Wheelie the Pooh
  • The Beary Biker
  • Beary Poppins
  • Mary Beary
  • Bearnie Sanders
  • Admiral Akbear

We’re surprised there has been no love, so far, for PlayStation 4 architect Mark Bearny. Or how about the late, great Bearnard Cohen?

Sony has yet to select a winner – so feel free to share your suggestions below.

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