Nintendo punishing Pokémon Sun and Moon pirates by blocking 3DS online access

Pirated copies of Pokmon Sun and Moon have been floating around the internet for a couple of weeks – now, Nintendo has decided to act.


Oh dear.

Players with a pirate copy who connected it online are now reporting that their 3DS has been blocked from connecting online – in Sun and Moon, or in general (thanks, Kotaku).

Access to the console’s eShop store is unavailable, for example. This blocks access to any digitally-owned games not on your handheld when you were blocked.

Players affected by the bans are simply redirected to Nintendo’s support website.

The only other solution right now? Buy a new 3DS. (Game licenses are tied to specific hardware devices, but Nintendo can swap licenses over if you phone up their support line and provide serial numbers).

Or maybe Nintendo will unblock your 3DS if you ask really nicely?

Either way, players are switching on their handhelds today to play some more pirated Pokmon and finding a nasty surprise:


Ah well.

We’ve asked Nintendo for more information on the bans, and if they will be permanent.

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