Introducing Trackless: a mysterious first-person puzzler / text adventure hybrid

Trackless looks like a heady first-person sci-fi adventure with a unique mechanic: it lets players interact with the scenery by typing commands.


Part first-person puzzler, part text adventure, Trackless puts players in the role of a mysterious entity called a “seeker” who must scavenge a mountain looking for some mysterious monolith called “the Object”.

The kicker is that they’re armed with a cell phone and must go the oldschool text adventure route of typing different commands into it to understand what is and isn’t possible in the game. Like Her Story before it, there’s no set menu of commands and you must instead search the literary recesses of your vocabulary to see what sticks.

Character interaction will be a primary component of Trackless as you explore this mysterious realm. Through exploration and solving trials you’ll earn currency to upgrade your phone, offering access to new areas. “Your in-game phone will help you find clues and give you special abilities,” developer Aubrey Serr said on the game’s Fig page. “Would you choose the Black Ice or Cute Meow?”

Serr and his studio 12 East Games LLC are looking to raise $20k on Fig to fund Trackless. So far it’s already acquired $15,655 and it still has another 20 days to go before the 17th November deadline.

You can reserve a copy of Trackless prior to its estimated Q1 2017 release by pledging $10 towards the crowdfunding effort.

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