Doom's new multiplayer DLC lets you play as a Cacodemon

Doom’s second multiplayer DLC, Hell Followed, is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


Priced at £11.99 / €14.99 / $14.99, or included in the Season Pass, Hell Followed includes three new maps, a new weapon, new Hack Modules and Taunts, and a new equipment item, Threat Pulse, which lets you see nearby enemies through walls.

But the biggest new addition is a rune that turns players into the iconic Cacodemon in multiplayer. This floating demonic Pac-Man can shoots balls of green plasma or lash their tongue out to snatch unsuspecting marines.

Elsewhere, the new weapon, Reaper, is a demonic firearm that unleashes six rapid-fire bursts of Hell energy, and a weapon mod allows it to fire a charged shot.

The new Hack Modules include Armor Regen, which lets players swiftly regenerate armour if they go more than two seconds without taking damage; Refreshing Kills offers a 20 HP health replenishment upon slaying an enemy; and Savagery lets you perform Glory Kills quicker.

The new maps are described as follows:

  • Orbital – Fight in low gravity aboard a Robotic station in deep space. Surprise opponents from above, but be careful not to fall into the vastness of space below.
  • Argent Breach – Battle among ancient burial ruins of the Night Sentinels, where statues of heroes past overlook the machinery of a fallen society.
  • Molten – Clash in a world littered with volcanic temples and fight inside a crumbling facility dedicated to harnessing energy from the lava that envelopes the entire planet.

Hell Followed is Doom’s second paid DLC pack, and its first, Unto the Evil, added three new maps, the UAC EMG Pistol, and the ability to play as a Harvester.

Doom also received a free update last week, adding a competitive score-attack single-player mode along with a couple of neat new multiplayer modes, Possession and Bloodrush.

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