Ditto finally released into Pokémon Go

Months after launch, you can finally catch Ditto in mobile hit Pokmon Go.


The little jelly camouflage Pokmon was quietly unlocked in the game last night, when players discovered that other, regular Pokmon were revealing themselves as Dittos in disguise after they had been caught.

This means you won’t see Ditto on your map – you’ll have to hunt down normal critters and hope they turn into Ditto once inside one of your Pokballs.

It’s a neat mechanic – and it makes every Pidgey, every Zubat, every Rattata worth catching again.

Here’s how it looks:

Ditto’s release has been on the cards after a recent leak found its data had been added to the game. Developer Niantic has also this week launched a Thanksgiving event with double XP and Stardust – making this a good time to encourage players back.

We recently chatted with Pokmon Go developer Niantic for a chat about the game’s past, present and future – and there were several hints at what might be coming next, as well as word that Niantic wanted the game to last as long as MMO king World of Warcraft.

Ditto was just one of the upcoming launches, as well as the global roll-out of the game’s long-awaited Nearby feature to improve tracking by pinning down Pokmon to close-by PokStops.

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