Destiny Iron Banner – When does it start, gear, rewards, reputation and what else is new in Rise of Iron

What’s new in Iron Banner and how reputation works in Rise of Iron

Iron Banner in Year 3 is set to see the biggest revamp to the game ever since it debuted in vanilla Destiny over two years ago:

  • The biggest change is that the Tempered mechanic is no more. In previous years, as the week went on, a multiplier would increase the amount of faction reputation you would receive. For example, playing on day one would get you 60 rep for a win, while on the last day, you would receive 200 rep, including buffs from items. This means that those playing on weekends no longer have to ‘cram’ in sessions in order to reach the highest rank for the best rewards, nor can you ‘game’ the system by cashing in bounties on the final day to boost to the highest rank faster. In short, it no longer matters when you play, as rewards cash in as the same whether on the first or last day.
  • Buffs for equipping Iron Banner-specific emblems and shaders have also been removed.
  • The way Iron Banner starts and progresses is a little different, too. Players must go to the Iron Temple social space and talk to Lord Saladin, who will guide you to a new quest giver, Lady Efrideet, who is outside the Temple’s walls. She will then give you the ‘In Pursuit of Light’ Quest to reach ranks 1, 3 and 5, with new rewards each time, including gear drops.
  • There are four Weekly Bounties available, which reward players based on progress rather than skill. As well as 750 Faction reputation, they’re also drop one Legendary item per completion, 5000 experience and 25 Legendary Marks. They are:

Earn 100 points for playing (5 points for completing a match, extra 10 for winning)
Earn 100 points with ability kills (Grenade worth 2, Melee worth 3, Super worth 5)
Earn 100 points with weapon kills (Primary worth 1, Special worth 2, Heavy worth 5)
Earn 100 points helping teammates (Assisted Kills worth 1, Avenger Kills 3, Allies Defended 5)

  • Daily Bounties are no more. It’s worth noting this week’s Weekly Crucible Bounty is for the Supremacy match type, so grab that from Shaxx in the Tower before you get started.
  • Victory in a match rewards players 250 Iron Banner reputation, while Iron Medallions grant 150 reputation each; reminder these are awarded if you lose, stacking up to five times and pay out when you next win.
  • One buff that still does exist is for alternative characters. Provided one character is at least rank one, the ranks leading up to that on another character will have double Reputation gains for wins, Bounty completions and Medallions.

Iron Banner gear, loot drops and other rewards explained

Gear from Iron Banner in Rise of Iron comes from four places; from cashing in Bounties (weapons or armour), from drops after match wins (up to Light level 400), from achieving ranks 3 and 5 as part of the ‘In Pursuit of Light’ Quest with Lady Efrideet, and purchasing with Legendary Marks from Lady Efrideet in the Iron Temple when you have reached certain ranks.

In short, there are plenty of ways to get loot, and the best thing is the drop rate from after matches is much higher than previous Iron Banner events. For those who have struggled to reach Light level 400 from 365 or below, this event is an excellent way to go up with little time investment, and that’s even without Bounty and Quest completions. It’s a welcome change from the rest of Rise of Iron which has been a bit of a grind.

As well as weapons and armour, you can also get Iron Banner Ghosts and Artifacts that scale up to Light level 400. There’s also an Iron Banner Sparrow, too, and all of these can random at the end of matches completions.

As before, this year’s Iron Banner will introduce exclusive weapons and armour to the game. The two headliners are an auto rifle and shotgun, which can be both purchased from Rank 4 with Legendary Marks or found as (a reasonably common) set of drops.


The Unbent Tree auto rifle


The Proud Spire shotgun

There is also a collection of Iron Saga armour for each class. Gauntlets and class items can be purchased from the vendor at rank 3, with everything else available as post-match completion drops or as Bounty rewards.


Iron Saga armor for Hunter


Iron Saga armor for Titan


Iron Saga armor for Warlock

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