Destiny Festival of the Lost 2016 – Masks and what else is new in this year's Halloween event

Destiny’s Festival of the Lost returns for another year, bringing a taste of Halloween to the Tower and beyond.

This year seems to expand heavily on the goodies available, with a handful of new Masks and consumables, as well as the introduction of new spooky emotes, Shaders and even a new Sparrow and Ghosts.

As with other Destiny seasonal events, while the rewards and consumables available are exclusive to the event and Quests requiring their use to complete, it (should!) all be cosmetic in nature, ensuring that anything purchased with Silver (bought with real-world funds) will not give paying players a real world advantage.

There should be plenty of non-paying players to dig into too, so let’s delve into what we know.

Destiny Festival of the Lost 2016 – when does it begin and how it works

Destiny Festival of the Lost 2016 runs until Tuesday, November 8, and the festival will essentially have three components.

One is filling up bags of sweets by going killing enemies. First, visit Eva Levante in the Tower (she’s hidden down the corridor by the kiosks) and she’ll give you your first Empty Candy Satchel.

If you fill a bag of sweets, you can trade it for one of three Masks available that day, or a Gifts of the Lost box.


Not only are Masks used for larks, but they will be required to complete the festival’s Quests. Last year had players perform certain activities while wearing a Mask – such as performing Sword kills wearing the Crota Mask, or tripping off the Tower wearing Atheon – and we have something similar this year.

Both Eva Lavente in the Tower and Tyra Karn in the Iron Temple to get started. Rewards include specific Masks, and hopefully there’s an opportunity to get more bags of sweets and perhaps Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes without paying for them.

Finally, there will be new emotes, consumables and Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes available to purchase from the game’s Eververse vendor Tess Evris with Silver, the game’s currency purchased with real-world cash. Festival of the Lost will also debut new Ornaments for the Bad Juju Exotic, which can be found in the mystery box.

There are, of course, some secrets too. One is a broom you can ride as a Sparrow (!) which we explain in our Lost Broom Sparrow location page, while another is a fetch quest involving trading A Tiny Box of Raisins for a Superblack Shader.

Destiny Festival of the Lost Masks, items and Quests

Thanks to a database leak following the Light level 400 / Wrath of the Machine Hard Mode update, we know many of the returning and new masks coming to this year’s Festival of the Lost. Thanks to the Destiny sub-Reddit for filling in the gaps on the following.

Returning 2015 Masks New 2016 Masks
Atheon Mask Aksis Mask
Skull Mask Firewolf Mask
Crota Mask Ghost Mask
Cryptarch Mask Lost Prince Mask
Eris Morn Mask Revenant Mask
Exotic Engram Mask Saladin Mask
Legendary Engram Mask SIVA Mask
Oryx Mask Wolf Mask
Petra Venj Mask
Rare Engram Mask
Skolas Mask
Speaker Mask
Tiger Mask
Traveler Mask
Uncommon Engram Mask
Warden Mask
Xur Mask

Standard Wolf Mask


Ghost Mask


Revenant Mask


Aksis Mask


Lost Prince Mask



Festival of the Lost 2016 items

Festival of the Lost consumable items

  • Ascendant Raisens
  • Bad Dream
  • Chromatic Jackolyte
  • Crawl of Creeps
  • Flight of Shadows
  • Gifts of the Lost
  • Sleepless Gaze
  • Strokes of Midnight
  • Treasures of the Lost (mystery box)
  • Whim of Rahool

A consumable will allow you to turn your head into a giant (slightly gross) eyeball.

Festival of the Lost Emotes

  • Howl – 300 Silver
  • Terrify – 500 Silver

The Boo, Monster Dance and Zombie Dance emotes have also made a return.


The Howl emote in action.

Festival of the Lost Ghosts

These can be found in Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes from Eververse.


Deviled Ghost


Ghost Ghost

Festival of the Lost Shaders

These can be found in Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes from Eververse.

  • Candlelight
  • Sea of Tears
  • Unquiet Spirit

Festival of the Lost Sparrows

  • S-35 Jealousy – This can be found in Treasures of the Lost mystery boxes from Eververse
  • Lost Broom – Found hidden in the Tower

The neon Sparrow, S-35 Jealousy.


The Lost Broom will only stick around until the Festival is over.

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Everything else you need to know about Destiny’s Festival of the Lost 2016

  • A Treasures of the Lost mystery box will cost 200 Silver, and contains Legendary Masks, consumables and other items:

Fingers crossed for that neon Sparrow, eh?

  • All three social areas – the Tower, the Reef and Iron Temple – will be decorated for the Festival.
  • Eva Lavente and Tyra Karn will be Quest givers this year, but expect to pay others a visit as you participate in their activities.
  • To coincide with the arrival of the festival, a new ‘Holiday’ kiosk has appeared in the Tower, allowing you to redeem Masks and other items from previous years.

You can find this kiosk in the same wing as the Speaker.

  • Quests still active from last year’s Festival of the Lost will no longer be active as soon as the Festival starts.
  • All Crucible matches will take place at night, though we assume Private Matches will be exempt!
  • Festival of the Lost will require the Rise of Iron expansion to play.

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