Blizzcon 2016 live report


Hello! We’re just a few hours away from Blizzcon 2016’s opening ceremony and finding out which of his nice bowling shirts Mike Morhaime will be wearing to mark the occasion.

But that’s not the only big news we’re expecting from this year’s show.

After literally decades of teasing and a severely overwrought ARG we should finally see the reveal of Overwatch’s next hero: Sombra. The question at this stage is how exactly she’ll be unveiled to the world. Please don’t hack the stage. Please don’t hack the stage. Please don’t hack the stage.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Diablo franchise and rumours suggest a Necromancer-themed expansion might be on the cards. I’ve been offered an interview with the Diablo team tomorrow afternoon, so they better announce SOMETHING.

We tend to see either a new Hearthstone adventure or expansion during Blizzcon, so expect something along those lines. Probably a full expansion, given that A Night in Karazhan launched back in August.

Heroes of the Storm will inevitably see more hero reveals. Seriously, they produce them at an unbelievable rate.

And perhaps something about the future plans for StarCraft 2, unless they’re saving that for the panel later on today.

Finally, with Blizzard story man, Chris Metzen having announced his retirement just a couple of months ago, I’m hoping he’ll pop up to say his goodbyes to a community he’s had a big hand in creating. Here’s to you, Metzen!

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